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 Company Profile

Goldsland Holdings Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Goldsland Holdings”) is a new overseas enterprise organized and merged by Guangdong Holdings Group Co., Ltd from more than 50 enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao, and the unique wholly-owned overseas enterprise directly under Guangdong Holdings Group Co., Ltd, burdening the Group’s responsibility of “Financing Platform, Investment Platform and World-Oriented Platform” out of China. It is the overseas window enterprise of this Group.

Goldsland Holdings main business scope includes: equity investment, property management and offshore bunkering. Among them, the wholly-owned subsidiary Vermont Group Limited is mainly engaged in the business of marine fuel supply and petroleum products trading and transportation in Hong Kong. It is one of the most powerful offshore fueling suppliers in Hong Kong.

For a long time, Goldsland Holdings actively promotes refined management, accelerates strategic transformation, continuously improves and enhances core competitiveness, and strives to improve management efficiency and business standards to achieve sustainable development.

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