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 Enterprises in GD Branch


Guangdong Branch of Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association is a non-profit local enterprise organization of non-independent legal entity subject to Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association (HKCEA).

Under the leadership of HKCEA, Guangdong Branch of Chinese Enterprises Association will play its bridging and linking role as a local organization to strengthen the consolidation and coordination of various membership units of Guangdong in Hong Kong, inherit the spirit of loving China and Hong Kong, carefully carry out the policy of “one country with two political systems”, actively participate in the social affairs and make contributions to the prosperity, stability and development of Hong Kong.

Guangdong Branch of Chinese Enterprises Association organizes the Guangdong’s enterprises in Hong Kong to actively take part in various activities of HKCEA, to promote the cooperation and exchange between the members of this Association and with various members of HKCEA, strengthen the contacts among related enterprises, communities and organizations in Hong Kong and Guangdong and provide the services to the development of Guangdong’s enterprises in Hong Kong.

Under the coordination and organization of Guangdong Branch of Chinese Enterprises Association, the member units actively carry out various socializing activities to enhance the friendship, strengthen the information exchange and communication and mutually increase the ability against the market risk so as to promote the health development of enterprises in Guangdong and Hong Kong.



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